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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. it's 11:00, do you know where your children are? disturbing developments out of norway. the death toll has risen to 80. it was first thought be ten. >> and if you mesa around. >> many say the rewards program say it was to hot to go without ac. the one man who says it was dangerous. do you save your reward points hoping it'll pay off big? we work for you, the pit falls you can avoid. the news starts right now. >> now, abc 2news at 1211. >> even at 11:00 it's still hot. feels like the middle of the summer day at night. we want to go to wyatt who is out in the heat tonight and
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it's pretty hot still. >> it still is. it's muggy and in just the last hour a bit of a breeze and -- see the trees moving a bit? we are getting a bit of a prize, it's maybe not quite as stagnant. anything to break up the hazy, humid night. let's look at some of the numbers and i will tell you it has been a hot day and it's going to be a warm evening out here as we go to the maps. balmy to say the least. temperatures were currently in the 80s, we just passed them. upper 80s, high temperatures up in the mid100's and the heat warnings up for the state tomorrow starting at ten, running through eight tomorrow evening, going to be another hot one and here is the detailed hour by hour forecast. we are probably getting up to around 101. today we set the all time record, 106 at pwi. even though we trim a few
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degrees that's improving. more on the weekend coming up. >> if you signed up for the peak rewards program you were hotter today. it lets customers save monday biy but their ac may be turned off during the hottest days. cheryl connor with the story of one customer. >> reporter: what we found today is that some renters have to opt out of that peak rewards once their landlord agrees. it lets customers help the electricity demand on record setting days but one man is hooked up to oxygen and had to sit in his 95-degree apartment all day. staying hooked to oxygen is just a way of life for charles. he had problems after a quadruple bypass. today it's the number on the temperature that concerns him the most, it reads 95 inside
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his apartment. >> it's hard for me to breathe. it's hard. you know i try to focus my mind on something else but it comes right back to the heat that you are uncomfortable. >> reporter: his temperature was replaced a few weeks ago. it reads savings meaning he is in the peak rewards program. customers sign up to have their units cycle at a lower level during the hottest hours of the day. some even agree to have them turned off. it saves up to $200 a year. charles said the suffering isn't worth the savings. he has made several attempts to get his ac back on. >> i called peak rewards, there wasn't nobody else for me to call but you. >> reporter: london llc bought the house less than a week ago. the property manager wouldn't talk on camera but said her tenants need to call bge to opt out. one more call before closing
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time and his ac started to come back on. he said it's adverse a -- difference that could save his life. >> and certainly our power supply in this area had to work harder than it has in a very long time today. bge said it's the first time this summer they started the peak rewards program. they said that all customers who participate in the program and it's about 450,000 people, should have had their power fully restored or ac restored by 8:00 tonight. tomorrow is going to be another hot day but we don't know if the peak rewards program will be activated. if you are in the same situation as charles and you want to opt out we will give you a number here. it's 410-685-0123, that's the number that repassed along to charles tonight. he called it and then he had
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his air condition restored. we are live this north baltimore. >> one way to cool off from the temperatures, jump in the pool. the city is even extending pool hours to help you beat the heat. large park pools will be open until eight and local walk to pools will close at five. they are also opening a dozen cooling stations. you can call 311 to get the address of the nearest one. we are working to bring you everything you need to know when temperatures get this hot. we have a hot weather guide on the website. you can find all the latest warnings and advisories. it's all on the website. disturbing new developments out of norway, the man who dressed as a security officer and started shooting at a youth camp killed 80 people. it was first thought the death count was ten. we are told the man who wassa
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course of setting off an explosion that caused widespread damage, the suspect has been arrested. we are told he is a norwegian. it's especially troubling for those with loved ones in the area. rthere is an active community here. this is a port city, a lot of people came off the boat and stayed. tonight they are roling at the devastating news from the homeland. the flag hangs outside the home. early in the last city his parents came to baltimore from norway. he has been active in the nature sons of norway organization for move of his life. >> our mission is to keep all the heritage alive here. >> reporter: it's a can culture known for its love of peace. >> this was stunning to them. >> reporter: it started with
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massive explosions in the capitol. >> someone said we are -- you couldn't take your tram back so we started walking back and then we started hearing the news. it brought back memories of 9/11 1. >> reporter: dozens of young people were killed in a mass shooting. the doctor was on the phone with his cousin. >> she was upset so that she couldn't talk much and her son got on the phone and we had a longer talk about things. >> reporter: the >> the apartment where he lives, that building had some of the windows shattered. >> reporter: shocking attacks in a peaceful country with the impact being felt on this received this side of the ocean. >> we just don't have an occasion to think they are aren't gentle. . >> reporter: late word that the
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shooting that happened after the explosions was more serious than was first reported. police saying at least 80 people, many of them teens were killed. they have a suspect in custody, a norwegian. police are trying to determine the motive. >> the debt limit talks have stalled making the rest of the country wonder if the united states will default. the president said house speaker walked away from negotiations today. not all hope is lost. leaders say they will meet tomorrow at the white house to discuss the debt limit. the deadline is august 2nd. today the president also repealed the don't ask don't tell poll civil the 17-year-old policy for bade gays from serving openly in the armed services. it'll take effect in 60 days. this was one of the president's campaign promises.
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maryland governor said he is throwing his weight behind a new bill supporting same sex marriages for the next legislative session. surrounded by reporters and supporters at a news conference he said he plans to personally sponsor legislation. he said he is working on a bill to guarantee marriage rights to same sex couples and religious freedoms for groups who don't want to preform the weddings. the governor's support may help turn the tide but they still expect a fight. >> it's beyond time we get this done. maryland is known as the free state and we have a lot of fair minded people. 51% of the residents in the state said to the washington post last year that they wanted us to get it done and we anticipate those numbers climbing and with the governor being the lead response sore now, we have no doubt that we are going to be able to spread the word, grow the support and find those last two votes we fled to be successful this year. >> same sex marriage
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legislation passed in the senate this year but was stalled in the house after pressure from religious groups swayed lawmakers. baltimore firefighters went door to door in an apartment complex where a fire gutted a building a few weeks ago. they passed outlet tour and talked about prevents fires. they say most folks had a lot of questions. >> everybody wants to know what the cause of the fire is and its be determined it was unattended cooking material that is part of the information we are giving them. >> in addition to literature about safe cooking they passed out things about insurance and general fire safety. it was so hot the last thing most of us would have considered was working on a hot tar roof. this guy didn't think it was to much of a problem.
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he got stuck in hot tar. how he finally got free, the hours later, coming up in just about a minute. plus, the --. >> furious. >> and --. >> caught it. it looked like an innocent picture of two teen girls until you look closer. now a father is outraged. and we work for you with scam that appear to be real charities. these and more in just about 60 seconds.
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. a day of fun trying on prom dresses and two teen feeling violated. they were trying on dresses in michigan, when they saw them later they saw a man kneeling under the dressing room staal stall peeping at them. >> right now in interpret
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pretty dresses but they weren't always. they had to put the dresses on and take their clothes off and that was scary for them and it's horrifying for a pant. >> reporter: the store and police are looking in to the situation. this is why you should listen when someone says don't try this at home. firefighters in pittsburgh say lanie robinson was hired to tar the roof. when he slipped and looked he slipped fell into the tar. he got stuck right there. this poor guy is stuck on a hot roof in 100-degree heat for two hours before they got him off. >> i caught myself and tried to climb up and couldn't. >> did the tar prevent you from falling off the roof? >> no. prevented me from getting back off. >> firefighters gave him fluid after he was rescued and sprayed his hands with oil to help remove the tar. he is expected to be okay.
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a cancer charity that took in millions is now shut down after accusations it was using donations to line the pockets of directors. many are wondering how can you tell the good charities from the bad? john shows us what to do before you give so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: all of us like to help out a good cause every now and then. one popular breast cancer charity is nowa course by the state new york of running a sham. how can you tell if it's a good cause or is a personal atm machine for the people who run it? they are all over the store. pink labeled chips, pink paper towels, pink cans. shoppers agency tore support the fight against breast cancer are scooping them up. > would you buy one because it has the ribbon? >> i would buy them. >> reporter: everybody i showed them to said it's a great idea. >> to me it's definitely a
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worthwhile cause. >> reporter: now new york state is suing the coalition against breast cancer a long island based charity that's raised $9 million. new york's attorney general says nearly all of the money went to pay insiders, the ag is asking the court to shut the charity down. the website is already down, these are pictures from google's cache. donors would have avoided it. both the bbb and charity navigator rate them and both issued advisories about this group for failing to disclose how it's money is used. abovebefore giving money check with the bbb and charity navigator. they can tell you if it's a worthy caution or don't wastey money. >> netflix customers outraged over new prices.
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that could be good news for apple. they are considering a bid for hulu there you can watch some shows for free, others you have to pay a fee. if apple bites it could provide stiff competition for netflix. are you grabbing your plastic more than you would like? expects say people are hughes cards more and more to pay for basics because many have to use them for these needs they aren't spending much on things that might be considered luxuries. many people find comfort in using their credit card because of the reward points. they are easy enough to earn but it's not always the same case when it comes to cashing them in. joe is working for you explaning why the process can leave you just flat out frustrated. >> reporter: all karen wanted was a free exercise bike to add to her gym. so this working mom saved up her credit card points for years. >> i love spending, it's my
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favorite thing. >> reporter: all meli is, ss wanted was a trip to hawaii. >> we were stock piling watching them, watching them. >> reporter: once they tried to cash in the points they hit a dead end. >> i tried to buy the bike for six months and every single time it was out of stock. >> reporter: karen's bike was eventually discontinued and melissa found her flight was no longer available. they aren't the only ones. the bbb doesn't track specific points programs but the agency said they have hundreds of complaints about rewards and a survey showed about $16 billion in points go unary deemed each year. >> you get to frustrated that you are just going to give up. >> reporter: because the average family is signed up for more than 18 rewards program it's hard to keep track.
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the top reasons people count don't wash -- they forget or don't have enough to want what they want. some sites charge fees, others require credit cards and passwords which makes karen uncomfortable. >> i wouldn't consider using one of those where you buy or sell points. >> reporter: they are still dieing how -- deciding how to cash in. >> it's your money and reward. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> want to make sure you get the points you earned? read the terms and conditions completely. pick the program with the lowest point requirements to get a reward and stick to that retailer or only use one credit car credit card to hit the goal. >> man how hot did it get out
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today? here is the answer. 106 in baltimore. downtown reporting 108, not heat index, this is the actual air temperature we hit today. we have been a little hotter but this is getting up there. we did smash the old record by five degrees. the old record was just 101. tonight 86, out at the airport, wind is calm but out front in front of the station here and in the northern part of town it's a bit of i breeze blowing. anything on a muggy night like this. frederick through the day. storms in the afternoon, really just a glancing blow and baltimore just a hot finish. it was just outrageous in so many spots, well above 100. middle town, centerville. the mid100's. one report spots around dc pushing up above 110. these are unofficial numbers
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but the airport easily break that record. take a look at the western maryland. the most powerful radar, cluster of storms, nice to have a round come through. help water the grass, keep it from burning up. these things weakening and that's what we see all day. any storms that flair up weaken and loose your punch and rain. heat warnings up again tomorrow. they have been scaled back to central and eastern maryland, western just with a heat advisory. that heat warning, one more day of that ten to eight tomorrow, because of that heat bubble and the excessive humidity. you are just steaming in easton with a dew point of 82, that means when you fall to that you are at 100% humidity. that's what the dew point is, the temperature where you get to 100% humidity. air temperatures now still low 90s, feels hotter with the heat index, especially here but the core is sliding east now. that's good, clouds blowing in out of the west. not much of a consequence
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because the associated showers are weaking overnight but they may flair up again tomorrow. the extremely hot air mass over maryland and east of us now, moving out, some relief on the map now, cooler air starting to build in the northern plain states but baltimore the hottest spot in the east coast. through the day tomorrow, maybe pop up showers and storms on saturday afternoon. keep an eye on the sky late in the day sunday. most will be south of us. 95 or so sunday. overnight 79, steamy and hazy, tomorrow another heat warning, hopefully it's the last one. we will go 101 which is still five degrees cooler, tomorrow night hot, steamy, chance of a few storms, that seven day forecast, we get something of a break on tomorrow, five degrees off, another five degrees off. five be. >> my monday you better get the zoo parka, low 90s. late july in maryland, we know
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it'll be hot. this was just a bit much today. >> just a luke. >> yeah. >> bit of a surge here. >> all right. thank you. >> today we did test that heat. just to see how it would -- how hot it got. someone asked if it was hot enough to bake cookies in the heat. this photography we put it to the test, put the cookies on had sheet and by noon and by abc 2news at five they were mostly cooked. we were watching the progress and found it was hot enough to cook. it was hotter than 120. we threw in pizza that lynette ate off the ground and vegetables and lynette had to give them all a taste. >> is this the way i like them any way so let me see. i can do this. i can do this. there was a little buggy that was on this one so i will take a piece right here. yes. it's cooked. this is cooked.
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okay. so, i would say this is cooked. i love broccoli so i eat it it. just don't eat any food lynette cooks. why you can see the process worked we don't really recommend you try this at home. stick with the oven and pots and pans and everything else you use to cook inside. >> abc 2news continues after the break but first bill weir with a look at night line. >> coming up, we will have the latest on the terror attack in norway. that massive bombing that appeared to be coordinated. plus your coverage under the heat dome. that's coming up on night line after abc 2news. [ male announcer ] southwest is having a nationwide sale,
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. it can be hard on stable ground, now many some are really putting downward facing dog to the test. they are doing yoga on paddle boards, why? because they can. they say it works your body differently because have to work so hard to stay balanced or go in to the water and maybe get eaten by a shark. they say it's about focusing. show offs. the only thing in town that wasn't hot were the orioles bats. they opened against the angels and were held to one run on three hits. wells had the knock out blow in the 9th with the grand slam. angels win and will play again tomorrow night. >> one -- one last look at the
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forecast. >> one last look. we are cooling down. we are in the upper 80's now. tomorrow we will be hot but not as hot as today. one more day of severe heat. >> bring a sweater. we will be back. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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